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Georgia Law Watch

A non-political, unbiased look at pending legislation in the Georgia 2020 legislative session

Getting ready for the start of the session

Monday 01.13.20 will start the second session of the 155th Georgia General Assembly. What are we expecting to see this year? I expect that we could see a big push for casino gambling again, but I don’t expect any real movement out of it. The Democrats will be trying to gain 16 seats and take over the house, so I don’t see any Republicans breaking rank with the party on this issue.

Then there is the LGBQ issues like transgendered people using the restroom and playing on sports teams. Plus I’m sure the Republicans will try to bring up another “religious liberty” bill.

I don’t expect any movement on abortion, as the “heartbeat law” that was passed last year is winding through the court system.

Stay tuned for more.

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